Game Reserves Near Cape Town

Very few luxury hotels are able to offer a private game reserve, and Bartholomeus Klip Farmhouse, near Cape Town in the Western Cape, is one of the few!

We are a country house luxury hotel, situated just over an hour from central Cape Town, with capacity for ten guests. We are very fortunate to be able to offer our guests not only the finest foods and accommodation, but two game drives daily in our private game reserve near Cape Town!

For those who are not fortunate enough to stay with us, we offer day visitors the opportunity to see the herds of eland - Africa’s largest antelope -, springbok, black wildebeest, bontebok and zebra, not forgetting the baboons, bat-eared foxes, lynxes and many smaller species. Day visitors are welcome to make a booking for Lunch and a Game Drive; Brunch and a Game Drive or simply just the Game Drive! Our game reserve is 10 000 acres in size and stretches from the luxury country hotel, past the lake up into the majestic Elandskloof mountains.

This is one of the last great plains that still offers wild animals the opportunity to graze freely and do as they would have done centuries ago, before man turned their grazing into farmland. Our game rangers are highly experienced and will be able to track antelope for your viewing and inform and enlighten as to the who’s who in the local animal kingdom. Most recently, night-time camera traps have been taking pictures of leopards, which were previously thought to keep to the higher mountain reaches. Apart from the leopards, which are very shy creatures - there are no other large predators, so visitors are completely safe on the game drive and are able to step out of the vehicle for a walk around when the ranger allows.

Probably one the most important species to be found at Bartholomeus Klip , is one of a much smaller nature – the rare and very endangered geometric tortoise. These tortoises were discovered on the private game reserve only a few decades ago, and survive extinction from their biggest threats - man, farming and fires - with the constant monitoring of game rangers and an enthusiastic group of volunteers.

For the more sedate, bird watching from the Deckhouse next to the lake offers excellent opportunities to spot local feathered residents such as fish eagles, kingfishers, pelicans and less frequently, spoonbills. Flamingos can also be seen in season, and if it’s all too much to take in, a snooze in one of the comfortable chairs with a book is most welcome. The Deckhouse is available for small functions and conferences, and we have successfully hosted weddings of up to 80 people.

The game reserve is part of an interesting Quagga breeding programme, which started several years ago and involves the selective breeding of pairs of zebra that most display the traits of the extinct quagga. Zebra are believed to be the closest living relative to the quagga and those animals that display quagga-like characteristics, with no or few stripes on the legs and rump, will be re-bred and then much later reintroduced into the wild as native quagga. One of the breeding pairs at Bartholomeus Klip private game reserves near Cape Town actually roams freely outside of the reserve gates and can often be viewed from the veranda of the main house – a truly unique experience.

If you would like to visit for the day, take a walk in the fynbos and ramble along the jeep tracks admiring our magnificent animals and plants, you will be delighted to know that we accept day visitors. Booking is essential! We highly recommend that you stay for lunch, as those in the know will attest.

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