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    Meet the official Quagga project quaggas

    The Elandsberg Nature Reserve at Bartholomeus Klip has played a leading role in the Quagga Project from the get go in 1987 – in an attempt to bring back an animal from extinction and reintroduce it into reserves in its former habitat. DNA analysis has shown that the Quagga was not a separate species of zebra but in fact a subspecies of the Plains Zebra (Equus Quagga) By selective breeding from a selected founder population of southern Plains Zebras an attempt is being made to retrieve at least the genes responsible for the Quagga’s characteristic striping pattern. The project is aimed at rectifying a tragic mistake made over a hundred years ago through greed and short-sightedness. Baby Rachel was born on 12 August, and has joined a resident herd of 26 Quaggas at the Elandsberg Nature Reserve