• Face masks

    Face masks are worn by all staff, all the time.

  • Protocols

    We aim to stay abreast of local and international updates and changes with regard to Covid-19 safety protocols.

  • Staff Training

    All members of our staff have received extensive training on the prevention of communicable diseases and on safe environments and behaviour.

  • Hygiene Pack

    All guests receive a personal hygiene pack containing a mask and hand sanitiser at arrival.

  • Indemnity

    All visitors are checked for Covid-19 symptoms and required to sign an indemnity form at arrival. Visitors with temperatures 37.5C or higher are barred from entering BK.

  • Sanitisers

    Hand sanitisers are available at all public and private entrances, the farm and the nature reserve, as well as at common areas such as lounges, view decks and the restaurant.

  • Staff Monitoring

    All staff members are being monitored for any Covid-19 symptoms, including temperature checks. People that show any signs of symptoms are refused access to our work and guest environments.

  • Disinfection

    All our working and communal guest environments and equipment are disinfected every day. These include reception and office, game drive vehicles, hallways, public entrances and lounges, viewing decks, meeting areas and kitchens.

  • Contactless reception

    Guests are encouraged to use our online, contactless check-in and check-out facility at arrival and departure

  • Luggage

    All luggage is wiped down and sanitized at arrival, before being delivered to your room.

  • Guest Monitoring

    We kindly but firmly request that all guests accept Covid-19 symptom monitoring during their stay, to sanitise hands regularly, to wear face masks or shields and to socially distance throughout their time spent at BK.

  • Deckhouse

    The Deckhouse is closed to guests and the public.

  • Turn-down

    Turn-down has been suspended, and all reading materials have been removed from the rooms.

  • Rooms

    All rooms and units are sanitized and sealed by housekeeping before your arrival. We apply accredited, hospital-grade disinfectants with a high classification of bacteria-killing ingredients. These disinfectants have been produced per health regulations and are also eco-friendly.

  • Linen

    All our linen is washed at our premises at between 40 and 60 degrees to effectively destroy bacteria.

  • Kitchen access

    Access to our kitchen is secured, and restricted to authorised personnel only.

  • Kitchen protocols

    All staff members are required to disinfect and wash hands when entering the kitchen, and at regular intervals throughout the day.

  • Kitchen PPE

    All kitchen and restaurant staff wear face masks and gloves.

  • Staff distancing

    Kitchen work stations are spaced to enable distancing while working.

  • Food transport

    The vehicle we use to transports groceries is never used for the transport of people, and is disinfected every day, or after every delivery. All delivering and receiving staff are required to sanitise hands, to socially distance during the entire delivery process, and to disinfect all surfaces.

  • Produce

    We practice stringent procedures from the point of delivery of raw ingredients up to the final steps in the preparation of our food, by minimising contact with ingredients and regularly disinfecting surfaces.

  • Seating space

    Seating space at the restaurant has been reconfigured so as to allow two metres distance between tables.

  • No-contact menus

    Paper-based menus, that used to be handed out at your table, have been replaced by no-contact chalkboards and posters.

  • No buffets

    All meals are served individually at your table, and no plates, bottles or trays are shared between tables.

  • Room service

    Farmhouse guests can order breakfast and dinner to be served in their room if they prefer not to join us at the restaurant.

  • Nature drives

    Our nature drive vehicle is deep-cleaned after and before every nature drive. All field guides, binoculars, crockery, cutlery and glasses are sanitised before every drive. Hand sanitisers are available before, during and after the nature drive.

  • Rangers

    Our game rangers disinfect hands and wear face masks or shields at all times.

  • Private groups

    Nature drives need to be booked individually or in closed groups of maximum 6 people per vehicle. We do not allow groups from different accommodation units, or day visitors, to join.


Our Covid-19 Incident Protocol will be activated should an incident occur among our guests or members of staff.


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