Guided tour in the Elandsberg Nature Reserve in an open Landrover

Enjoy a nature drive through the 10 000 acre nature reserve. The drive sets off through the gate and across the river into the reserve, entering a completely different world from the farmlands and gardens of Bartholomeus Klip. You might head towards the mountains towering up in front of you, or along the road to the grassy plains area where herds of black wildebeest and springbok tend to congregate. Fynbos surrounds you with its rich and varied plant life full of interest, where at any moment you might spot a zebra from the quagga project, a rare plant or perhaps even a strikingly patterned geometric tortoise. In the springtime there will be thousands of wild flowers and streams of running water everywhere, and in summer the heat and dryness will tell you that you are unmistakably in Africa.

INCLUDES 2 hour drive into the Private Nature Reserve with qualified guide / Activities booklet, bottle of water / Coffee or tea on arrival. From 10:00am only for day visitors.

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