Seasons at Bartholomeus Klip

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The winter rains have been extraordinary so far – fifty percent above the last 16 years’ average, in fact.

It’s great to be heading out of the drought that has been plaguing South Africa over the last couple of years, and to see the Elandsberg vegetation soaked in so much goodness.

A typical Cape winter sees rainy days make way for sunny intervals, with temperatures well into the twenties. It is a very special time at Bartholomeus Klip – perfect for “all-seasons” explorations in the nature reserve. Wake up with freshly brewed and baked coffee and rusks, start your walk in the wintery cold of the early morning, and make your way through the reserve and the seasons. Spring will meet you with the first warm rays of sun around 9am, and Summer may meet you for lunch – which could be an improvised picnic in the reserve. As you make your way back to the warm fires and candlelit fine dining at the Farmhouse, Autumn will be spreading its deep orange and golden wings across the horizon – a perfect setting to end the day with calm and renewed energy.

Lounge at the Farmhouse, adjacent to the restaurant

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