Life is highly unpredictable, and had someone said to me when I was younger that my life and my passion would be in the kitchen, I would have been most surprised. However, a couple of years down the road I discovered the joy of cooking. and this has been my true calling ever since. I am now thrilled to be able to create spontaneous, exciting and truly palate-pleasing menus for the guests at Bartholomeus Klip.

My experience has been gained in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and London.

I have been able to bring together flavours, techniques and trends from both my international and local experiences, resulting in dishes which are robust and tasty, with lots of attention to detail but not so complicated as to spoil the natural flavours.

At Fish Hoek Restaurant in London I developed a deep interest in producing really different and exciting seafood cuisine. It has been an enormous pleasure to be able to introduce many of these ideas to the menu at Bartholomeus Klip. London is a dining extravaganza, and I had the opportunity to sample the dishes of some of the world’s most well-respected chefs.

Ultimately, I like to be spontaneous and see what foods are in season, and what is available in the area. I cook where I work, and living on a farm in the Western Cape you know you are in Africa. With the ideas and experiences I gained overseas I like to create an interesting fusion of flavours, but ultimately I tend to return to my roots and draw on my South African heritage.

Guests tell me that a highlight of their stay at Bartholomeus Klip is to be invited into the kitchen where I demonstrate our secret and favourite recipes. These are usually kept simple so they will be able to experiment with them in their own homes.

What's happening at Bartholomeus Klip?