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Seasonal news: upcoming events and news from the farm

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And so … we’re off for another year full of delicious and inspiring excitement at Bartholomeus Klip. While last year was an extraordinary year for us, with our 20th anniversary, a special feature in the award-winning Netflix series “The Crown” and in the BBC series "Call the midwife", a couple of new faces among the staff and of course the usual seasonal hustle and bustle of our farm and nature reserve population, this year we have a whole lot more to look forward to. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep abreast of what we're up to at Destination BK, and get a little sneak peek below. We wish you a wonderful year ahead filled with good health and much love, and look forward to welcoming you at Destination BK soon!

GOODBYE 2017 . . .


. . . HELLO 2018 - Bartholomeus Klip has stepped into the new year with an exciting range of events and activities lined up. From the Quagga, Buffalo, Wagyu and Tortoise Projects to cooking courses with BK resident chef Louise and food & wine pairings with local wine producers, animal auctions, weddings and of course our daily lunches and daytrips, we've hit the ground running this year! Have a look below at what we have in mind ... 


EVENTS CALENDAR - Keep an eye on our events calendar for an exciting line-up of wine and dine events at Bartholomeus Klip.






INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES MAP - We have started the new year at Bartholomeus Klip with reinvigorated, replenished energy, and have just the right activities to match your reinvigorated, replenished energy! We have listed everything on offer at Destination BK on a new and easy interactive map


SEASONAL SPECIALS - Keep your finger on the pulse of our seasonal specials - currently including reduced rates of up to 25% off for the full-board Farmhouse accommodation and self-catering accommodation at the Wild Olive House ... View current BK specials here


COOKS WITH BOOKS - Our resident star-chef Louise Gillett is opening up her kitchen and treasure trove of delicious delights to all who want to join her for cooking classes. From basic techniques to classic South African farm dishes and unique flavour and texture experiments, you will learn a style of cooking that keeps every guest at BK enthralled, and coming back for more! Keep an eye on our specials and events calendar for upcoming dates ...


DROUGHT - Below average rainfall over a number of years has forced everyone who lives or visits in and around Cape Town to re-think their water usage behaviours. While we are doing everything we can to save water, Bartholomeus Klip gets water from a spring in the mountain - a spring that is still flowing strongly, providing us with enough water to provide you with a pleasurable visit to our parts of the Cape.


RANGER DIARIES - Our farm and game rangers at Bartholomeus Klip and its surrounding Elandsberg Nature Reserve are constantly at work to ensure good and healthy living conditions for our buffalo, quagga, zebra, bucks, wildebees, lamb, cows, tortoises and birds. View what they have been up to here bartholomeusklip.com/rangers


THE WAGYU PROJECT - BK's Wagyu project was launched in 2017 and is doing very well, with some new calves expected in 2018. The embryo transplant was successfull. During this year Wagyu has really taken off with the official membership doubling. As a result we have been able to sell six of our bulls for breeding and we shall in the next few months be able to purchase 25 embryos from the USA. In turn we hope to be using our own females for breeding, with the Bonsmara females still being used as surrrogate mothers.


THE QUAGGA PROJECT - Bartholomeus Klip has always been a driving force of the Quagga Project, and was recently elected one of three farms where core herd animals will be raised. It has been decided that these will be the main breeding animals and their offspring will be sold off in the future to other reserves - the first auction held in this regard was an overwhelming success. We had a few relocations to manage and the Reserve team was on hand to assist with the moving of the animals to Elandsberg.


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