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New photos, home-grown Wagyu, Smoke & Fire 6 DEC and Christmas lunch 22 DEC ...

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Dear {name}, warm temperatures have arrived in the Cape, and with them some unexpected but most welcome late-spring rains. Everyone at BK is gearing up for the high season ... that time of year when the buzz at BK gets just a little more buzzy. That time of year, also, when early Festive Season vibes start to mingle unsuspectingly with the sundowner conversations of increased numbers of local and international guests. It's a time we love, and a time we love to share ...

And on that note of sharing, we have two big announcements to make: our home-grown Wagyu beef is here (and can be ordered online), and another edition of our very popular Smoke & Fire food extravaganza is planned for 6 DEC. 

In this newsletter Get a free nature drive when you book one of our self-catering houses in December. Celebrate your end of year function at BK. Join us for another Smoke & Fire extravaganza on 6 DEC, and for our special Christmas-themed Sunday lunch on 22 DEC. View photos from our latest photoshoot and subscribe now to our Wagyu notifications to be the first to know when our next Wagyu lot becomes available.



[ FREE NATURE DRIVES ] We give away free guided nature drives in our open Landrover at the Elandsberg Nature Reserve for bookings in December at our self-catering houses. When staying at Heron House and Wild Olive House, you have the option to order ready-made meals from our kitchen, or to stock your fridge with farm produce. To find out which dates are still available in December, contact Lesley at info@bartholomeusklip.com


[ END OF YEAR FUNCTION VENUE ] Book our historic farm for a bespoke executive and exclusive corporate event, or for your end of year function. We offer diverse options for informal meetings, creative brainstorming and socialising at unique locations around the farm, including private conference and catering facilities, a restaurant headed by our resident chef Louise Gillett and many outdoor leisure activities, such as kayaking, hiking and guided nature drives. Bookings info@bartholomeusklip.com


[ SMOKE & FIRE : 6 DEC ] - Four times a year, the twin power team behind BK - Louise and Lesley - celebrate what they love best: to treat friends and guests to the best food, the finest wine and the most heartfelt rural hospitality. There are no rules. Lesley finds and decorates a unique location somewhere around the farm - in the past, these have included farm sheds, lawns and a rusty old shed in the reserve - while Louise juggles, pampers and teases local produce in pans, pots and grids on big roaring fires. It is a spectacle to behold, but more importantly, a spectacle to experience. Seats are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment. R750 pp includes all food (six courses) and all wine (six glasses). Bookings info@bartholomeusklip.com


[ CHRISTMAS LUNCH : 22 DEC ] - Join us for a special Christmas-themed lunch at the Deckhouse. Adults: R380 / Children: R190 Bookings info@bartholomeusklip.com


[ SAFARI PHOTOGRAPHY ] When we invited international safari photography expert Dana Allen to spend a couple of days at BK and capture his experience through his rather large and expensive-looking lens, he gave us a fresh new and and high-resolution look at the reserve, the farm, the animals and our facilities. See many more photos throughout our website and in the image gallery  it [ here ]



[ WAGYU BEEF ] Since the first Wagyu calf was born at Elandsberg in 2016, our farmers at Elandsberg Farms have striven to breed animals with superior genetics, and today, we can offer our first premium Wagyu beef, from Wagyu cattle roaming on open pastures around Elandsberg Farms in farm-fresh, unfiltered Swartland air. Order Wagyu beef online here or mail your order to info@bartholomeusklip.com

[ WAGYU NOTIFICATIONS ] Would you like to be notified as soon as Wagyu offers become available? Subscribe now (and make sure to check the "I want to receive Wagyu notifications" box) Our next lot is scheduled for the first week of December.


Photo Credit : instagram.com/mullineuxwines



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