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There is life after lockdown (3)

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Dear {name}, when the lockdown started in South Africa, it seems many people on social media went mad. All of a sudden, they claimed that now is the time for our bodies to get twisted in spine-bending yoga moves, for our brains to wrap around tongue-bending new languages, and for our hands to knead bread. It was annoying, wasn't it? Is anyone in need of new challenges right now, don't we have enough on our plates? Why is it that as soon as we're given a chance to breathe, someone wants us out of breath ;-) 

We hope you're all breathing, not panting. The weather is lovely. The beach, the veld, the flowers and animals, they're not going anywhere. Our country's experts seem to be on top of this pandemic, with Uncle Cyril, our celebrated President, keeping a steady hand. The lockdown is bearable for most, most of our friends were on Facebook anyway ... We're all going to be all right.

At Bartholomeus Klip, we do of course have our own challenges to deal with. Scroll down to read about a herd of eland that has landed at BK before the country locked down, and is now stuck with us for an extended layover until they go on to a new home in Cape Town. In other news, our hospitality staff has taken up farming and gardening, and established a new veggie garden while at it, and our latest home-grown Wagyu beef is beef to behold ... with a fat marbling score of eight! Scroll down for details ...



[ WAGYU BEEF ] Since the first Wagyu calf was born at Elandsberg in 2016, sustainable farming practices have allowed us to breed cattle with superior genetics, producing beef of consistent quality. Our free-range herd of 50 animals roams our pastures and is fed on a unique and balanced recipe using grain produced on the farm. Wagyu beef is legendary for its white marbling fats, containing fatty acids with a low melting point, which result in a melt-in-the-mouth experience, adding uniquely delicious texture and flavour. This marbling is scored from one to nine in line with international industry standards, and we are excited to announce that our latest offering has been awarded a score of eight! Order from info@bartholomeusklip.com or online from our website. We deliver free of charge in the Riebeek Valley and Wellington, also during lockdown.


[ ELAND LAYOVER ] While people all over the world are stuck at locked-down airports, a herd of eland (from the Gantouw Project) has decided to ride out the South African lockdown with an extended layover at BK. You would too, knowing that our nature reserve team would shower you with tender love, care and snacks on a daily basis. Once the lockdown is lifted and general travel is allowed, these eland will be moving to a new home (still to be determined) somewhere nearer to Cape Town, where they can continue their valuable contribution to antelope browsing studies and environmental education.


[ RUNNERS' DELIGHT ] You may not know that our hospitality twins, Lesley and Louise, are fervent runners. When they realised that this year's Two Oceans marathon would be cancelled due to Coronavirus precautions, they decided to have their very own race ... farm-style! 


[ VEGGIE GARDEN ] With an empty Farmhouse, Wild Olive House, Heron House and restaurant, we need to be creative in how we keep our farm staff occupied, so we asked them to help out on the farm. While at it, we planted beetroot and spinach in the greenhouse with the aim of becoming more self-sustaining and producing our own vegetables for the restaurant as well as our farm community in the near future.


[ A VIEW FROM MY WINDOW ] People have been posting views from their windows all over social media, so we thought we could add this from the farm. Another iconic photo taken by Mariette Gregor ... our view from our window. 



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