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Winter rains, Smoke & Fire, and the BK Online Pantry

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Dear {name}, the winter rains have been extraordinary so far – an extraordinary fifty percent above the last 16 years’ average, in fact - and have turned the farmlands and nature reserve into fertile wetlands. In other news, we announce our next Smoke & Fire Pop-up (27 August), introduce a new feature in which we get up, close and personal with BK staff and management, and remind you of the fresh farm produce you may order from our online pantry

We hope to be welcoming you at Bartholomeus Klip soon. Love from the BK team xx



[ POP-UP 27 AUG ] The concept is well-known by now: we give Lesley and Louise free rein to choose and dress up a location, to invite like-minded crafters of delicious goods, to light majestic fires, and to serve a ten-course extravaganza to an exclusive selection of special guests. What they have come up with so far, has been simply spectacular (see it here).

The next Smoke & Fire pop-up is still in its early stages: we know that friend and Executive Chef Christo Pretorius (from Twelve Apostles fame) has been invited, and that Louise has locked herself up in her kitchen and tends to growl when disturbed - all the signs of her creative brain at full speed and good things to come ;-) Don't procrastinate, leave it to fate, or wait until it's too late. Book now: info@bartholomeusklip.com


[ ALL SEASONS ] A typical Cape winter sees rainy days make way for sunny intervals, with temperatures well into the twenties. It is a perfect time for “all-seasons” explorations in the nature reserve.

Wake up with freshly brewed and baked coffee and rusks, start your walk in the wintery cold of the early morning, and make your way through the reserve and the seasons. Spring will meet you with the first warm rays of sun around 9am, and Summer may meet you for lunch – which could be an improvised picnic in the reserve. As you make your way back to the warm fires and candlelit fine dining at the Farmhouse, Autumn will be spreading its deep orange and golden wings across the horizon – a perfect setting to end the day with calm and renewed energy.


[ GAME DIVE ] Game drive? Errr … make that game dive! We've had plenty of rain over the last couple of weeks, and small trickles of water all over the Elandsberg Nature Reserve have turned into flowing rivers and soaking wetlands. Add a bit of sun, and you have a perfect day for kayaking ...


[ IN THE SPOTLIGHT ] Tourism is not for the faint-hearted. A major contributor to South Africa’s economy, tourism accounts indirectly for 8.2% of the country's real GDP, and to 9.2% of national employment figures. However, Covid measures, drought and civil unrest have damaged South Africa’s international image, reduced visitor numbers, and challenged many businesses that operate in the tourism sector. Enter Rick and Colette Taylor from "the Business Tourism Company" - two energetic globetrotters with a passion for Africa and all things tourism. The Taylors have been instrumental in shaping and keeping our eyes glued to a unique, long-term vision for the Bartholomeus Klip brand and experience, in line with continent-wide tourism trends in Africa. You can find more about them here .


[ RAIN ] Winter rains have been plenty all over the Western Cape, and Bartholomeus Klip and the Elandsberg Farm is no different. It’s great to see us heading out of the drought that has been plaguing South Africa for a number of years, and to see the Elandsberg vegetation soaked in so much goodness.


[ ONLINE PANTRY ] Did you know that a whole range of farm produce may be ordered from our online pantry, including raw ingredients freshly harvested at the farm, or complete lunch and dinner packages? Choose between breakfast, dinner, Wagyu beef, BK Bites and fresh produce. All items can be delivered anywhere in or near Cape Town.


[ DATA PRIVACY ] Amid the torrents of emails, dinner conversations and media reports about POPIA, one would forget what POPIA is all about: the protection of your confidential, private information. As part of our careful assessment and fine-tuning of our procedures and measures, you may from time to time be asked to "consent" to our collecting, using and storing personal information about you. 

We want you to know that at BK, protection of privacy is not a once-off compliance exercise, but an ongoing effort to value and respect each and every guest. Should you have any questions in this regard, you may consult our Privacy Policy or contact our Deputy Information Officer Nicola.



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