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Spring, Flowers, Smoke and Fires

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Dear {name}, spring is a magical time to visit the Swartland, well-known for its canary-yellow farmlands at this time of the year (the roads to Riebeek Kasteel and Malmesbury are literally covered with canola). It is also the season to explore wildflowers all over the West Coast, and of course at our very own Elandsberg Nature Reserve.

Further down in this newsletter, we celebrate another BK team member, the fabulous Nicola Wooding, report back on another edition of Smoke & Fire, and share an update on our tortoise head-start programme. We also announce new food items in our online pantry (yes it includes Wagyu), and share our latest addition to the official BK bird list.

We hope to be welcoming you at Bartholomeus Klip soon. Love from the BK team xx



[ WAGYU LUNCH ] Join us at the Farmhouse Conservatory from Monday to Friday for a meaty lunch specially designed by chef Louise Gillett to compliment our premium, home-grown Wagyu beef. Advance booking is required. Get all the details and the menu here


[ TOUCHED BY FIRE ] Friday 27 August saw another edition of our popular Smoke & Fire food event. Louise had invited friend and Cape Town's 12 Apostles chef Christo Pretorius to collaborate on a ten-course food bonanza themed "Touched by Fire" (literally every item on the menu had to be smoked, grilled, or seared by fire). Kikitography once again managed to capture this fabulous event in a collection of fabulous memories (see them here)


[ TORTOISE HEAD-START PROGRAMME ] Another 12 tortoises have been rehabilitated in the Elandsberg Nature Reserve! 

You may remember that in January of 2012, a natural wildfire burnt through about 2000 ha of the Elandsberg Nature Reserve, and threatened the natural habitat of our already rare and endangered Geometric tortoise population. After releasing 7 in 2020, we have now released another 12 that have been raised at our very own Geometric Tortoise head-start project.

[ READ ] a full press release and view more pictures at bit.ly/geometrictortoise


[ NEW BIRDLIST ENTRY ]  A new entry to our bird list! @wildbuffalobull spotted and photographed this Osprey, visiting Elandsberg for (what we think) is the very first time.

Ospreys (also known as sea hawk, river hawk, and fish hawk) are diurnal, fish-eating birds of prey - large raptors, reaching more than 60 cm in length and 180 cm across the wings. Although their distribution is widespread and they are found on all continents, this is the first official sighting at Elandsberg.

[ VIEW ] a list of birds, animals and flowers you may find at BK here: https://bit.ly/bk-fauna-flora



[ IN THE SPOTLIGHT ] Nicola Wooding doesn’t like the limelight, and visitors to BK are more likely to meet her lovely – if moderately delinquent – dogs enjoying an evening walk during their stay. But her absence from the BK public stage is in shrill contrast with the important roles she plays behind the scenes.

Born in the UK but raised in Gauteng, Nicola was initially employed in 1999 as a nature conservationist at Elandsberg almost immediately after completing her studies. Since 2012 officially the administration and human resources manager for the farm, reserve and guesthouse, Nicola is the talkative and relentlessly helpful glue that keeps staff and various business interests together. She flutters between bookkeeping, payroll, and management meetings, helping out with events, assisting with nature conservation projects, managing sheep stud software, and planning Christmas parties for the farm children, to name just a few of her responsibilities. Occasionally she can be found chatting to our farmer while catching a lift on the combine harvester or tasting Louise’s latest creations – someone has to ?

“Best of all,” Nicola says, “I get to do all of this while living on this most amazing farm with my buffalo-wrestling hubby ‘Bull’ (more about that story in the next newsletter), teenage son Connor, and a farm community that I call ‘family’ from the bottom of my heart.”


[ PANTRY ] New and available from our online pantry: Pork, apple and sage sausage, home-made wild boar salami sticks [ ORDER ] and Wagyu beef [ ORDER ]



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