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Fathers, fatty acids and flowers

Bartholomeus Klip






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Dear {name}isn't it often the small things that give us the greatest pleasure in life? At BK, that greatest pleasure came in the form of a tiny flowering plant - the Massonia elandsmontana, also known as the Elandsberg hedgehog lily. When this little beauty was first discovered in 1997, it was obvious it was a Massonia but the species was initially a puzzle. Subsequent careful study revealed that this Massonia was in fact a new species. It took another 25 years for it to be found in flower in the reserve ...

Keep scrolling to read more about the endemic plants that can only be found at Elandsberg, or about our latest MS11+ graded Wagyu beef, and about our very manly Father's Day lunch on 19 June.

We hope to be welcoming you at Bartholomeus Klip soon. Love from the BK team xx



[ elandsmontana ] Some of the flowering plants that grow at the Elandsberg Nature Reserve have been formally named as elandsmontana for the reserve. They include Brunsvigia elandsmontana, Codonorhiza elandsmontana, Massonia elandsmontana, Moraea villosa subsp. elandsmontana, Pelargonium elandsmontanum, Thereianthus elandsmontanus, Lotononis complanata, and Adenogramma natans. You can read all about them, and find out what's the best time to visit Elandsberg to see them flowering, HERE 


[ FATHER'S DAY LUNCH ] Treat the significant MAN in your life to a special day at the farm. We’re serving an unashamedly MANly lunch at the Deckhouse, including chargrilled fillet of beef, braised pork shoulder, sourdough sweet potato loaf, chocolate tart, and MANy more. INFO + BOOKINGS 


[ WAGYU SUPPER CLUB ] Wagyu beef is celebrated for its marbling - fatty acids with a low melting point, resulting in a melt in the mouth experience. Sustainable farming practices on open pastures in farm-fresh, unfiltered Swartland air, allow us to breed cattle of consistent and healthy quality that provide premium Wagyu beef: low in sodium, rich in oleic acid and monounsaturated fats. Join us for a special dinner featuring our latest, top-rated (MS11+) Wagyu on 1 July. MENU + INFO


[ SELF-CATERING OPEN ] We're giving our main Farmhouse a break for annual maintenance and renovations during the month of July. Our self-catering units, on the other hand, are open throughout the winter season. We even have midweek specials for South African families or groups of friends VIEW SPECIAL RATES


[ WE ARE ... ALMONDS ] This year's edition of the We Are Africa tourism conference in Cape Town was a great opportunity for BK manager Lesley to introduce tour agents to our hand-picked Elandsberg almonds. Read all about our almonds HERE



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