Inside every seed is the potential for an incredible harvest

We hope this is true for this season! Its that time year when we watch from a distance, the dust trail from the combines and tractors as they harvest the lands.They have been racing the weather this season and have bailed about 1100 oat bales and 345 medic bales so far .The canola was a fair harvest pulling in just over 1.7 t/ha which is a good average for this crop. They also windrowed the last of the oats and triticale to protect it from the wind until they can harvest .They have harvested about 300ha so far and are working against the elements to get it all off and minimise any losses. In total Elandsberg harvests 1300ha of crops which include about 850ha of wheat and the balance made up of barley,oats,triticale,medics and canola. The expectation is a good crop for this year and we hold thumbs for the crop team to achieve success with their crop. An unexpected 4mm of rain slowed down operation today but they will be back on the job as soon as its dry enough. Make sure you visit us at this special time of year to get a real working farm experience and see the team in action.

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