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    It has been confirmed that Ixia viridiflora has been found on Elandsberg Nature Reserve.Commonly known as green ixia is a vulnerable species and on the red data list. They flower late spring (October)and are usally found growing on the lower slopes of the mountains in the Tulbagh district of the Western Cape. It was recorded in the Piketberg and Clan William districts by Marloth (1855-1931) but are no longer found there.The Ixia viridiflora is pollinated by Hopline Scarab beetles more commonly known as Monkey beetles.The beetle visits the flower to eat the pollen and then the pollen is deposited between the hairs on the exoskeleton of the beetles whereby its transferred to other plants it visits. It is thought that there is a population of less then 500 plants in the distribution area where they are now recorded. This a first identification of this rare plant on Elandsberg and we are all very excited to add this to our list!