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    At the begining of May every year it’s all systems go with the planting of our crops, which can potentially take up to two months. The main crop that we plant is wheat, with a lesser amount of oats, barley, canola, medics and triticale, which is a hybrid of wheat and rye, combining the yield potential and grain quality of wheat with the disease resistance and enviromental tolerance of rye.

    At the moment we have finished planting the medics, which are a nitrogen fixing crop, and are currently in the process of planting wheat, which we do at roughly 60 hectares per day per tractor. We have 500 hectares to do, and once that is complete we still have 300 hectares of triticale to plant. We wish the grain farmers well as we know that this time of year they work very hard, six days a week from seven in the morning till ten at night. Good luck boys!