Secretary Bird Rescue.

In a small reserve,  the focus is always on the smaller things and finding a secretary bird on a nest is a real highlight! Carina and her guests came upon the nest just before sunset and soon discovered a chick on the ground below  in obvious distress.They picked him up in a game drive blanket and took him back to the Reserve manager to see if he could assist. With some investigation, it was found the chick had swallowed a whole field mouse and was choking. Bernard managed to remove the mouse and the chick started to recover. It was a bit dehydrated,  and overnight made a good recovery , with Bernard returning it to the nest the next afternoon. The family is reunited again and we look forward to sharing these special birds with you when visiting BK. Thank you to Loraine and Henry Greef for the lovely images of the chick rescue.

Safely in the vehicle

Bring him to Bernard

What's happening at Bartholomeus Klip?