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In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have turned our farmhouse kitchen into a community soup kitchen in support of poor communities around us … read more about our Covid-19 relief efforts


At the heart of our business is our commitment to the environment.

The Elandsberg Nature Reserve was formally declared a provincial nature reserve in 2008 in recognition of its importance to conservation. Its botanical value is incalculable since it preserves the largest remaining portions of two highly threatened renosterveld and fynbos plant communities. Bartholomeus Klip has signed up with Cape Nature’s Stewardship programme to safeguard the reserve in perpetuity, and has played a central rol in the Quagga revival project. Besides doing educational nature drives for our guests, our rangers are also involved in the reserves Geometric Tortoise headstart project – a means of providing protection and ensuring the survival of this critically endangered tortoise after the devastating fires of 2012. For fun they also get to help with the feeding and care of our disease free buffalo herd.

Bartholomeus Klip was awarded Silver in the Best for Conservation category in the African Responsible Tourism Awards 2015.


Rondeheuwel Primary School, our local school for children from the farms in the area, is in need of help to try to provide the children with opportunities for enrichment, as well as the best education possible. Most of the ladies working at Bartholomeus Klip have children who attend the school, and they are always working at fundraising to help the local community’s children who are less fortunate than their own. The limited government resources available make their task more of a challenge.

Since the opening of Bartholomeus Klip in 1997, we have always tried to help the workers & their families living here in whatever way we can. Social responsibility has always been important to us, & by becoming Fair Trade accredited, we have confirmed our values & commitment to our community.

We invite you to share our vision for the children & donate any spare coins you may have rattling around in your purse. The money will be used to fund a very important project: the hiring of a school bus, which we plan to use to take the children on educational excursions & sports days to schools in other areas. We hope this will expand their horizons as well as give them the chance to meet and interact with children at other schools.

The are also used to help with the feeding scheme set up by the school, which provides all pupils with a cooked meal. For many of the children, it is the only meal they get for the day.

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